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January 12, 2009
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As meiosis begins, replication occurs,
Sister chromatids form, and they appear a blur.
The first prophase comes next; the chromosomes condense.
They become visible and place you in suspense.
The homologous pairs cross over during this.
They do exchange their genes--this just cannot be missed.
The nuclear envelope disappears at the end,
At the same time as the spindle fibers extend.
Metaphase one starts now; chromosomes assemble,
Across the cell's center, and this phase is nimble.
During anaphase one the spindle fibers pull,
These homologous pairs apart like power tools.
Telophase one starts up; cytokinesis gears,
A nuclear envelope may or may not appear.
The cell membrane pinches into two new pieces,
The chromosomes become haploid (process ceases).
Then comes meiosis two, unlike meiosis one,
Replication does not occur--it is not done!
While prophase two lasts, the chromosomes condense,
Spindle fibers appear; nucleus is dispensed.
Metaphase two gets on as chromosomes line up,
Along the cell's middle.  Spindle fibers stack up... the centromeres of the lined-up chromosomes.

During anaphase two the chromosomes are yanked,
Apart to the poles of the cell where they are banked.
Telophase two takes off as the cells split in two,
Cyto-K gears again; cells split cytoplaz goo.
Meiosis one and two are definitely through,
The process, meiosis, truly occurs in you!
I wrote this rap for my AP Biology class in 8th grade, on 12/17/1996. It was part of a group project that we had to present before the class, and my agreement with my groupmates was that they would perform the rap if I did all the work writing it (so I could avoid public speaking). However, when the time came, they pressured me to perform the rap since I knew the beat far better than they did. My biology teacher videotaped the performance, but the battery died, forcing me to start over. I had been able to psych myself up for the first performance, but when I had to start over, I turned all red and stumbled over the words. It was humiliating. :D
i love this!!!!! so great
amalia-x Nov 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, very cool. :)
Perpetualwolfsage Jan 12, 2009  Student General Artist
If only I had this for my Biology test last semester.

I still got a B in the class though :)
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